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Boosting Businesses

Boosting Businesses

At Vigilink IT, we believe in investing deliberately in developing technologies that will handle your difficulties with the most user-friendly solutions. Vigilink IT can assist in risk management for your firm by providing bespoke integrated solutions to cover all of your locations—inside and out. Our local specialists will customize your systems to fit the unique requirements of each facility.


FlyVour provides a broad variety of integrated tourism and travel facilities. Our creativity, experience, versatility, hospitality and knowledge are combined to help our clients satisfy their desires and meet all their requirements for travel and leisure.

Guard And Watch

When it comes to security services, Guard and Watch take great pride in offering only the best. You can trust them to ensure that your event runs smoothly and securely with experienced SIA licensed security guards.

Vigilink WFM

VIGILINK WFM is a cloud-based mobile workforce management solution that transforms business operations and enables you to reduce cost and increase profitability by automating your operations while achieving quality compliance in real-time.

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We help you in designing a clear digital strategy that will maximise your route to complete, technology-driven commercial success.

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We have everything you need to compliantly hire, pay and manage employees as well as determine all digital solutions & relevant costs. Think onboarding, contracts, expense management, benefits, payroll and built-in compliance for your operational team.

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We assist you in developing a clear digital strategy that will maximise your route to complete, technology-driven commercial success.


Our knowledge of all main technologies and business operations enables us to provide comprehensive business solutions.

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Our global Managed Services professionals protect your digital investment by providing round-the-clock monitoring, maintenance, and end-to-end support.

Trusted by some of the biggest brands

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Knowing your business and clients is critical for gaining knowledge from various exploration draws near. Examine bits of information to develop and focus on a creative plan of action to achieve goals. Detail-oriented item planning, from initial concept through pixel-perfect mockups. Collect client feedback and emphasise it to test the models’ appropriateness.