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We offer an industry-leading building control system designed to maintain resident safety and productivity in all spaces and environments. BAS brings these diiferent systems under the control of onne system, so it can be centrally managed.

About Building Automation System

Building automation system is an intelligent hardware and software system that connects heating, ventilation, air conditioning “HVAC”, lighting, security and other systems to communicate on a single platform. In this way, the building automation system provides important information about the operational performance of the building and improves the safety and comfort of the occupants.

Benifits of Building Automation System

Low energy means low electricity bills

Building Automation Systems  might be the solution if operating costs of building is keeping you up at night. Low energy means low electricity bills.

You can track system performance at any time, so you know exactly what needs to be repaired and when. This also means reducing maintenance costs.

BAS can automate indoor air quality monitoring

Long before the current reality of a pandemic, poor indoor air quality was a common, costly, and underestimated threat to building residents.

Since the Building Automation System (BAS) can automate indoor air quality monitoring, this core feature is an important safeguard and helps improve indoor air quality for occupant safety.

Collaboration is critical to what we do and the way to joint effort is offering our thinking to whoever needs to profit from it.

It can be integrated with security systems

We have already talked about building automation systems but an important feature of it is that It can be integrated with security systems to automate threat response. For example, if the motion sensor indicates activity, but the building tenant has not swiped the security card, BAS can determine that there may be an intruder. You can then trigger a predefined security response to protect the building.

You can monitor potential failures & performance

The core functions of BAS are heating, cooling, ventilation, humidity control in the designated area, lighting based on the occupancy plan, proper functioning of the elevator, fire protection, security, and other important systems in the building.
You can also monitor the performance and potential failures of each utility and notify the building administrator of any detected malfunctions.

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