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Enjoy peace of mind with the always-on indoor security camera. You can also capture footage when the motion is triggered and watch and talk to your family and pets directly from the camera.

Benefits of Indoor Security Cameras

Regardless of whether you install a wired camera or a wireless camera, security is one of the main advantages of security cameras. They enhance your home security by allowing you to check in from anywhere in your property, watch live feeds of your home on your smartphone or computer, and receive immediate notifications of unusual activities.

Indoor Cameras

Motion Detection

Recording starts when motion is detected.
It acts as a motion-activated security camera that sets cameras inside your house when no one is at home and automatically records clips when an alarm sounds. If something moves, its motion detector detects the movement and you will be notified on your phone, and you can easily check in to make sure everything is ok.

Motion detection

Indoor Cameras

Two-Way Talk

Video Chat through Camera. The camera’s app allows you to have a complete conversation through your camera. If someone at home needs to contact you, they can press a contact button on the camera and connect to you instantly via app. Whether it’s your wife or your parents, you’re always connected with them.

Indoor Cameras

Night Vision

View clearly even in the dark. It’s Night vision feature provides a clear view of your home doesn’t matter whether it’s day or night outside. The Guard n Watch indoor camera records high-definition video to capture details, and a wide-angle lens allows you to see the entire room.

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