Know When
Someone is


How it works: A thief is coming. An outdoor camera with smart motion detector detects thief. The camera stops the thief. Your home is protected and peace dominates.

Custom Zones

Get notified when someone is there. Customizable monitoring zones of our OutDoor Security Cameras protect all or specific parts of your property to eliminate unwanted notifications from pets and passers-by. When a person is detected and remains for an extended period of time, the Outdoor Camera Pro emits a loud noise and illuminates its LED ring, alerting the lurker that they’ve been detected.

Outdoor Cameras

24/7 Monitoring

Receive only important notifications. Your Outdoor Camera is aware of the differences between people, pets and cars, so you will only receive important notifications. Suppose if there is any emergency, a team of home security experts will provide 24/7 support and they are just a touch away on smart app.

24-7 Monitoring-outdoor-cameras

Outdoor Cameras

Playback Videos

Video recorded at your fingertips. True smart home security requires a strong wireless connection. Other wireless cameras lose up to 50% of the signal just by getting inside. For the solution, Guard n Watch Outdoor Camera uses a hybrid wired Wi-Fi connection for a smooth, fast video experience with less lag and buffering.

Outdoor Cameras

Night Vision Sensor

See everything day and night. The 4K HD sensor provides live streaming and recording up to 1080p, and the 140° field of view allows the Outdoor Camera to capture the view in more detail. The powerful IR night-vision sensor allows you to see clearly day and night. The video maintains HD quality even when you zoom in on details such as the face and license plate.

night vision sensor

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