Being Alert
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Not only do home security systems record crimes, but they also work to prevent them. Our smart home security experts are always a call away and ready to help in an emergency.

Protect against fires

Guard n Watch security alarms give safety and comfort of mind at the same time. When an alarm sounds, Guard n Watch  monitoring staff gets notified. They’ll send emergency personnel. Guard n Watch staff is just a tap away from your security and peace of mind.

Safety Alarms

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Battery-powered Smoke & CO Combo Detector warns our 24/7 monitoring staff of smoke or CO. The combined smoke and CO detector notifies your Smart Hub to switch off the HVAC system to halt flame spread or turn on the fan to remove CO.

Safety Alarms

Water Sensor

Before floods, find leaks and standing water. The Water Sensor alerts you if it senses unwanted water. This wireless smart water sensor monitors temperature to avoid frozen and broken pipes. It helps prevent water damage.

Safety Alarms

Smoke And Co Detector

The CO Detector detects odorless carbon monoxide. When the smart CO alarm rings, monitoring specialists may deploy emergency personnel if required. Battery-powered for quick installation and relocation.

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