deter crime

it happens

Most security cameras record crime.
Ours actually prevent it.

Security Camera Systems

Package thieves and lurkers are thwarted by clever detection and
deterrent mechanisms. When it comes to video doorbells and security cameras,
Smart Deter technology is the clear winner.

Discover which security cameras work best

Security Cameras

Home Surveillance Cameras

The video doorbells and security cameras that use Smart Deter technology are among the most effective currently available. The Outdoor Camera Pro is able to identify genuine dangers and deters loiterers and prospective criminals with a
combination of light and sound.

Security Cameras

Best Deterrence Tech

The Doorbell Camera Pro not only alerts you when items have been delivered but also safeguards them by activating a light and sound alarm at the first sign of suspicious activity.

Security Cameras

Doorbell Camera Pro

The Doorbell Camera Pro is the only video doorbell camera on the market that not only alerts you when shipments arrive but also actively defends them from being stolen.

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