Control in

Your Home

The Guard n Watch smart home system allows you to control your lights, monitor your porch, and adjust the temperature from anywhere using the Guard n Watch app. All of the products work in unison to provide you with the peace of mind that comes with a safe and comfortable home.

It's never been simpler to manage a house.

The point of a smart home? Simple. To make home control easier while increasing the convenience, security, and efficiency of your living space. Watch live camera feeds, close the garage, lock and unlock your doors, or turn on your alarm system. A smart home system lets you control your lights, check on your porch, or adjust the temperature from anywhere.

Smart Home

Smart Home System

Integrate smart security technology with home automation to enable remote monitoring, answering the door, and adjusting of lighting and temperature in your house. Our professionals can assist you in designing a smart home system that is tailored to your specific needs, from cameras to smart locks and sensors.

Smart home

Smart Home

Smart Home Control

The Smart Hub serves as the control panel for your smart home. You may disarm your security system, answer the door, examine footage from your security cameras, and even communicate with customer service all from your Smart Hub.

Smart Home

Smart Lighting

From a single interface, you can control both the lights and the smart home security system. You can monitor, defend, and even illuminate your house all from inside the app thanks to the smart light bulbs and plugs that sync with your security system.

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