What is Virtual Staffing? | Everything you need to know

What is Virtual Staffing? | Everything you need to know

What is Virtual Staffing?

what is virtual staffing

Since VigilinkIT helps agencies by finding virtual staff for them, it’s far critical we lay the inspiration through explaining what virtual staffing means and what virtual staff do. Virtual staffing includes virtual employees who’re your ordinary employees operating from faraway places. These places may be their homes, co-operating spaces, cafés, restaurants, or any vicinity that the virtual worker chooses that offers high speed internet. You may also wonder if those are simply ordinary employees then why all of the hype?

Virtual employees saves employers the value of supplying them the “workplace environment.” Employers do not need to spend on infrastructure, do not need to facilitate commute, and might hire from areas that provide competitive rates however good quality talent.

While the pandemic has pressured businesses to ask their employees to work remotely, those virtual employees choose work from home voluntarily. In fact, those employees are much less probable to sign up for a collocated job because they value the freedom and versatility that remote job offers.

Studies display that 90% of employees who’ve attempted the latter are much less probable to go back to an in-office job.

By hiring virtual employees, businesses can get entry to large skills swimming pools and attain their variety desires with a stage of ease this is tough even as hiring locally.

How Organizations Can Become More Efficient Through the Use of Virtual Staffing?

It is common knowledge that the working world is undergoing rapid transformation, which is being hastened by the epidemic and the fallout from it. A growing number of individuals can do an increasing number of tasks from an increasing number of places, and as a result, companies and workers alike are attempting to strike a healthy balance between in-office and remote work.

Virtual Staffing Makes Use of Expert Outsourcing

When it comes to virtual staffing, the location of a person is irrelevant. It is about gaining access to experts for certain projects to improve the quality of work and productivity. It is hardly a ground-breaking idea. Since the beginning of time, businesses have outsourced the acquisition of specialized expertise for both short-term and long-term initiatives, such as website building and tax audits, by entering contracts with other businesses and with people.

What is more recent is the application of this approach to a wider variety of positions and sectors, in addition to longer-term commitments. Using virtual staffing, you will have access to the equivalent of an off-site employee or team who will be devoted to your company for as long as you require assistance. It is difficult to say no to the cost savings.

The use of virtual staffing results in cost savings.

With a virtual workforce, there are cost reductions that are both visible and invisible. One of the most obvious ways in which costs may be cut is by reducing the amount of office space required. There are several costs connected with using that location, in addition to the cheaper rent:

  • Furnishings
  • Utilities
  • Business supplies
  • Maintenance
  • Expenses related to moving

According to the findings of one research, enabling workers to work from home for just half of their workweek would result in annual cost savings of $11,000 per employee. This does not consider expenses such as travel for business, which may be reduced significantly with virtual positions.

The use of virtual staffing results in increased productivity.

Research that was conducted in 2020 on 800,000 workers who were given the option to work from home revealed that their productivity increased by 13 percent. Why are people able to get more done while they are at home?

  • They have more spare time since they do not have to commute.
  • They take fewer breaks to attend to matters of personal business.
  • They have a lower level of stress.
  • They are subject to a lower incidence of disruptions.

The following were some of the findings of a research conducted by the Harvard Business Review on a Chinese contact center that allowed half of its staff to work from home for nine months:

  • The organization realized savings of $1,900 for each employee.
  • There were 13.5 percent more calls that were successfully finished.
  • A significant drop in the number of sick days
  • Significantly lower rates of extinction
  • Increased reports of one’s own contentment in their jobs

The use of virtual staffing allows companies more access to high-performing employees.

When location isn’t an issue, your pool of potential employees may draw from a far wider range of people all around the world. Because of this development, businesses located outside of big urban regions now have access to virtually all people. On the other hand, virtual staffing gives employees access to job chances in markets outside of their immediate vicinity. The cost and productivity benefits of virtual staffing can be multiplied thanks to the talent boost by the following:

  • Improving the overall quality of work
  • Lower management overhead
  • Reduced staff turnover because of improved performance or relocation

Virtual staffing was cited by around 65 percent of recruiters as helping them identify better candidates. Employees that perform well in their jobs provide greater results. In addition, 95% of businesses report that employees who work from home are less likely to quit their employment.

The deployment of new skills is sped up by using virtual staffing.

There is now a revolution taking place in the realm of reskilling taking place. According to projections made by the World Economic Forum (WEF), automation would eliminate 95 million jobs by the year 2025 while simultaneously creating 87 million new positions. What’s the issue? Because those 87 million jobs have not yet been created, the necessary skills have not yet been developed.

The decreasing “shelf life” of skills, which refers to the amount of time during which abilities are applicable, makes the skills deficit even worse. Within two to three years, technical skills become obsolete.

The following are some of the ways that virtual staffing may assist overcome the skills gap:

  • Hiring for new talents on-demand
  • Utilizing virtual staffing companies that are continually retraining their employees
  • Tapping into new labor markets where the talents are

It takes around four months to bring on a new worker, and approximately six months to become proficient in a new skill. This approach is neither effective nor scalable in any way. Many companies that provide virtual staffing services provide their employees with access to learning academies in which they are continually trained and upskilled. This allows the companies to guarantee that they will always have people available who possess the skills that employers require when those skills are required.


The use of virtual staffing leads to increased levels of employee satisfaction.

Two-thirds of workers in the United States would like to be able to do their jobs from the comfort of their own homes, and one-third of those people would accept a salary decrease to do so. What’s more significant is that contented employees are more engaged, and productive, and help drive development. Companies that rank high in employee satisfaction include those listed below:

  • 28 percent more profitable
  • Have 41 percent fewer absences that were unplanned.

Absenteeism is both costly and disruptive, and according to one study, 78 percent of it isn’t even caused by employees being unwell. There are times when employees must take care of themselves or another person at home, which might result in them missing work. Employers incur a cost of $1,800 per employee per year due to unplanned absences, which totals $300 billion per year for businesses in the United States.

The use of virtual staffing results in increased retention.

The cost of turnover is also significant. As was just said, the average cost to replace an employee is around $4,000. According to one research, businesses that permit teleworking reported a decrease in staff turnover by an average of 46%, and they reported a significant increase in employee retention by an average of 95%.

The loss of long-term staff results in an even greater financial burden. It may cost a firm anywhere from $10,000 to $30,000 per employee, depending on their salary and levels of expertise, which is why retaining employees is such a huge cost saving for businesses.

Staffing Solutions Via Managed Service Providers for Virtual Organizations

Even while we commonly conceive of working virtually as doing so from the comfort of one’s own home, this is neither the only nor the most productive approach. Virtual staffing companies with office-based employees, most of whom are in other countries, provide specialized services such as the call center described earlier. The people who will be responsible for providing the services are hired, trained, and managed by the service providers. Even though research published in the Harvard Business Review found that employees in these roles might be more productive while working from home, it is possible that implementing this strategy across bigger firms would be impractical.

Most of the time, employees of virtual staffing businesses do not work from home but rather in secure office buildings using corporate computers and networks. Companies that work with managed service providers who specialize in virtual staffing have the following benefits:


  • Access to a variety of specific abilities
  • Hiring on an as-needed basis
  • Greater availability of workers
  • Cost savings at the office level
  • A decrease in the expenses of labor
  • There are no costs associated with management or training.
  • More investment in information technology and data security
  • Improved rate of hiring

The utilization of the services offered by a managed service provider is especially useful for businesses that do not possess specialist expertise in a certain field and who struggle with the processes of recruiting, qualifying, onboarding, and training new employees. You have decided to place your faith in an experienced service provider to carry out the necessary screenings and locate individuals who are qualified for the vacant jobs. It is also a model that is more scalable, which means that you can add more individuals to your team more rapidly than if you were employing workers one or two at a time. This is because the model allows for more people to be added simultaneously. When there is less of a need for capabilities, it is much easier to reduce the number of operations being carried out.


5 Clues to Consider When Searching for a Provider of Virtual Staffing Services

Virtual staffing has become an increasingly useful tool for a variety of businesses. A corporation will go through this procedure when it needs help carrying out its day-to-day operations and will contract an outside agency to do it. Virtual staffing supports the organization by supplying knowledgeable employees who can do their jobs either from their own homes or from a distant location.

Without a shadow of a doubt, lowering expenses and increasing output are constantly at the forefront of any company’s priorities. One of the most effective methods for a corporation to make use of such facilities is by using virtual staffing. The following are some of the areas in which a company might benefit tremendously from employing people virtually:

  • Reduction of costs
  • Increased production
  • Obtainment of personnel that are competent and skilled
  • Time management

This staffing option is helpful to the employers, but it also provides the workers with an improved and more pleasant work-life. Building a team virtually has shown to be more successful for many businesses in terms of increased productivity.

Advice on finding and working with the ideal virtual staffing agency

Most businesses discover that it is challenging to locate the ideal applicant to fill their open position. In addition, it seems to be a time-consuming procedure to recruit direct staff and assign them to their positions. Even if many businesses are finding that using remote workers is advantageous to their operations, it is still vital to be aware of the most effective strategies to hire a virtual staffing service.

1. Experience

Even if you are willing to use an agency for virtual staffing, you must investigate the level of experience possessed by the agencies from whom you will be receiving virtual workers. An expert virtual staffing service will always understand your requirements, and they will give you the finest workforce possible to meet those needs. You may examine the websites of these firms here; you should look at the comments left by other businesses for whom the agency has previously done work.

2. Proper communication

Some of the most critical parts of your company may include entry points, cash registers, and server rooms. Most businesses position their security cameras so that they can monitor access points; however, these businesses should also consider positioning their cameras in other areas, such as above cash registers and outside server rooms, because these are both locations where sensitive data for both employees and customers may be stored.

3. Divide the work into manageable chunks.

The experts advised giving the virtual staff members a few simple tasks to do so that they could better understand the scope of their obligations. You will have a better understanding of whether the team is a good fit for your organization because of this.

4. Make your requirements known.

When you are looking to hire virtual staff, you must specify all your needs. If you want individuals that can deal with consumers, you will need to investigate hiring customer service executives. To reiterate, if you want the assistance of professionals to produce leads and exposures, you will need to engage a virtual marketer. Therefore, before you engage specialists, you should first specify the nature of the needs you have set.

5. Be sure to check the level of professionalism and the quality of the job.

You may acquire a lot of virtual staff by using staff outsourcing. However, not all of them will produce work of the same quality or be a good fit for your firm. You must evaluate the quality of the employee’s work at this point. You could inquire about the prior experiences of these workers, and whether they have previously worked for other businesses in the past.


The advantages of employing virtual staff

Now, there is a significant amount of interest in employing virtual personnel. Many businesses are already staffing their remote operations with workers recruited via established agencies. This highly developed system offers a wide variety of advantages.

The use of virtual employees is an effective method for reducing expenses. It has come to our attention that a corporation is required to pay a lower amount to a virtual employee than it does to permanent workers in a company. When a firm hires virtual staff, there is no longer a need for the office to have certain pieces of hardware and accessories. As a result, there is no need for you to incur any further costs.

  • Because it may contribute to increased productivity, outsourcing has recently gained significant popularity. In most cases, the virtual personnel will continue working without being interrupted by anybody in the office. As a result, a firm will see an increase in productivity at the location of the business.
  • It is now feasible, with the assistance of remote workers, to get exceptional service while having a very small crew. Because of this, the remote staff will provide you with superior service.
  • A virtual assistant is someone who boasts excellent expertise in their industry; as a result, any company can expect to get the greatest help possible from a remote staff member in a certain area. You will be able to find the most qualified specialist for your company here.
  • Because the remote staffing assistance will do the work in a short period, you will be able to save a significant amount of time because of this, and you can use this time to engage in other business activities.
  • The second advantage that makes virtual staff highly sought after by a variety of businesses is the enhancement of scalability that they provide. The smaller teams can provide better service while taking on less risk.
  • After you have hired a virtual assistant, you will be able to delegate the jobs that you are unable to do yourself. You can delegate responsibilities such as handling emails, answering client phone calls, doing accounting duties, and marketing.

You will finally have adequate peace of mind after you have hired a virtual assistant and delegated the work to them. This is not the least important benefit, though.

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