Your Company Cannot Afford to Be Without Security Cameras

Your Company Cannot Afford to Be Without Security Cameras

Why Your Company Cannot Afford to Be Without Security Cameras?


The use of video surveillance is often seen as a contentious and debatable topic. When selecting whether to install security cameras in your places of business, you need to give thought to how best to strike a balance between protecting employees’ privacy and keeping the workplace safe.

According to the statistics, however, surveillance may not only boost the safety of your company’s assets, such as its goods, technology, building, and servers, but it can also increase the safety of your staff and customers against both external and internal dangers.

Why Continuous, Round-the-Clock Monitoring Is Necessary

Most small and medium-sized businesses do not have the financial resources necessary to hire security personnel full-time to protect the company’s property, technology, and possessions. As a result, installing a security system of high quality can be of tremendous assistance in this regard.

The most apparent justification for installing security cameras at a retail establishment is to prevent stealing, but there are many other valid reasons to do so as well. Before you make any investments, here are a few things that you should think about.

Bring Down the Rates of Theft and Vandalism

When company owners think about installing a security system, one of the first things that come to mind is how to discourage thieves from breaking into the building and damaging or stealing valuable items that are essential to the organization’s ability to function effectively. According to a survey that was conducted recently on the retail industry, the average annual loss for many small companies is close to $50,000 owing to causes such as vandalism, theft, and break-ins.

Just the appearance of components of a video or surveillance system could be enough to deter a burglar from targeting a location in the first place. A significant number of offenders may be prevented from committing crimes simply by being made aware that their appearance may be recognized.

Bring down the cost of your insurance.

You might be qualified for a discount or lower rates for having a high-quality security system, depending on the line of work that you are in and the insurance company that you use. Businesses that have security cameras installed will often get lower rates for their general liability insurance from a variety of insurance providers. Get in touch with your insurance agent to find out whether you qualify for the discount.

Maintain the Safety of Sensitive Areas

Some of the most critical parts of your company may include entry points, cash registers, and server rooms. Most businesses position their security cameras so that they can monitor access points; however, these businesses should also consider positioning their cameras in other areas, such as above cash registers and outside server rooms, because these are both locations where sensitive data for both employees and customers may be stored.

Prevents Theft and Harassment in the Workplace

More than ninety-five percent of all firms have suffered losses due to theft committed by employees. It is possible for these thefts, no matter how big or how tiny, to mount up to more than 5 percent of the yearly income that the organization anticipates making. If you do the math for your firm, you’ll quickly understand what a significant sum of money it represents.

Employees pose a risk not just to your company’s financial line but also to one another in the workforce. Employees who have a history of violence or harassing coworkers may be less likely to act out when they know they are being watched. If everyone in the company is aware that they are being observed and videotaped through security cameras, the likelihood of harassment going unchecked is significantly reduced.

Assist in the Conciliation of Accidents and Disputes

If your company has ever been the target of a claim for a workplace accident or a slip-and-fall lawsuit, then you already know that video footage may be of great assistance in providing the legal teams with information on the specifics of what took occurred that is only possible through installing security cameras. Many of these disagreements may be resolved amicably and without the involvement of the legal system if security cameras are strategically positioned.

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